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Award Winning

While mainstream franchise travel agencies typically feature a wall of wholesalers’ brochures to sell their one-size-fits-all packages, the studio at WOW! travel + cruises features a wall of awards, trophies and certificates presented over the years for outstanding service and application of unique travel experiences.

The WOW! girls don’t work for commission on sales, and they certainly don’t sell products with the expectation of winning supplier accolades.

The wall of fame in the WOW! studio is a reflection of appreciation and admiration of the WOW! girls’ peers and travel industry network who recognise that WOW! travel + cruises stands above the mainstream and deliver uniquely memorable travel experiences perfectly suited to their clients’ desires.


Where We Excel

All our designers have travel qualifications and have travelled extensively. We are not a mainstream walk in travel agency that will sell you the cheapest “package” on the market. We listen to what you want and design a unique itinerary to suit your needs. We don’t sell hotels that we haven’t either experienced or had a reputable supplier experience and we aren’t going to put you in the red light district, unless you request it of course !

Unique Itineraries.

We specialise in organising your trip from door to door… we will think of all the in-betweens and get you out off the beaten track … let us take you on your journey – from kite making classes in china ( another good example ) to private tours and transfers, we know the right way to do it.

Travel with Kids.

All the designers at WOW! have children ranging from 1  to 21 year olds. We get what it is like to travel with children no matter their age … from making sure cots are requested + designing itineraries around nap times, to suggesting sights and activities to keep your teens from boredom.

Travel for Weddings and Honeymoons

We specialise in organising your overseas wedding or honeymoon or both!  Some of our designers have event planning backgrounds and know that a lot is involved in organising an overseas wedding or honeymoon.. We will take the hassle out of it all.

Corporate Travel

WOW! Travel has a number of corporate clients who rely on our expertise and  efficiency and 24 Hour support to get from “A to B” – without costing the company the earth!  Work with an account manager to personalise a travel management plan for your company. We are always willing to take on new accounts so contact us to arrange an appointment to discuss your company’s travel needs.

Unique Product

WOW!  has worked hard to develop exclusive relationships with unique suppliers so that we can offer you something different…. No matter what your requirements we have the ability to find the product to suit your needs.

WOW! travel + cruises draw on a select portfolio of suppliers to tailor unique personalised itineraries for our clients. By personally experiencing our suppliers products we have confidence in their quality and value. This empowers us to confidently recommend their services.




adult-only retreat on luxury cruise ship

WOW! travel + cruises are expert in selecting the ideal cruise for each clients’ tastes and interests.

Cruising is the perfect “unpack-once-and relax” travel mode and its popularity has soared over the past few years.

But, just as everybody is a unique person, all cruises aren’t the same. They do, however, have several points in common:

Whatever the type and location of the cruise, it offers great value if chosen to complement the cruisers’ desires.
Several destinations can be experienced on a single cruise itinerary without needing to deal with re-packing, transport and multiple check-ins.
Cruise ships offer tremendous variety in terms of size, destination and on-board activities. Cruising can be as social or intimate as you choose. If you wish to participate in any of the myriad activities on-board, it’s easy to join in. If you don’t wish to engage, there are many options for personal activity (or inactivity).

There are three primary categories of cruising – rivership/canal barge, deep water ocean cruising and expedition cruising – and each category has almost limitless options so why not give the WOW! girls a call and be amazed by their insider knowledge and cruising experience.




There’s a lot more to selecting the best flights for your needs than clicking the cattle-class link on a booking-engine website while fantasising about the pointy end of a plane. This is why WOW! travel + cruises don’t have any of those automated thingies on our website.

Our maxim is #bookaholidaywithahuman

We know the best carriers, flights, seats, menus and entertainment options and we will happily advise you on the ideal flight and seat for your needs. It probably won’t be the cheapie you might find on a web search, but it will be more suited to your overall needs and ensure optimum use of your leisure or business time without the gruel of departure lounges and long lay-overs.

The WOW! team are very frequent travellers – both domestic and international – and their experience and contacts are a valuable asset in selecting the perfect carrier, flight and seat for your needs. Give them a call – you’ll be amazed.



luxury hotel room with view of hong kong

The choice of accommodation on that dream holiday can make or break the whole experience, so why rely on anonymous reviews on dubious websites when you can benefit from the first-hand knowledge of the WOW! girls and be confident that their suggestion is perfect for your wishes?

Whatever the scenario – corporate, family, leisure, honeymoon (or even divorce) there is an art to selecting the perfect accommodation and no amount of brochures or automated websites can give you the insights and ideas borne out of personal experience.

The WOW! girls have a motto:

If we won’t stay there (again) we sure as heck won’t recommend it to our clients

On every trip the team at WOW! make, they explore and inspect a range of accommodation options in each destination visited. With this extensive, first-hand knowledge the team at WOW! can confidently recommend the accommodation to beat all expectations.

Call the WOW! girls to discuss your needs, wants and desires and be amazed by their knowledge and experience.




An extraordinary experience awaits when you embark on a luxury train journey designed by WOW! travel + cruises.

The romance of rail can be experienced on all continents in all seasons, and is a fitting punctuation to a memorable bespoke travel experience personally designed by WOW!

Step aboard rail cars from the golden era of train travel lovingly restored to their original lustre. Settle into sumptuous private accommodations. Revel in first-class service from start to finish including gourmet meals paired with fine wines, comfortable lounge cars perfect for cocktails and meeting fellow travellers, and attentive on-board staff available to meet your every need as the world passes by your window.

WOW! are rail cruise specialists with an unrivalled capacity to connect you with the world’s most renowned luxury rail operators and brands. Call us to discover how a rail cruise can be your next relaxed and sustainable travel experience.


The WOW! story

WOW! travel + cruises celebrated seventeen years of continued growth in May 2020. Since commencing business as a 2-person startup in a small suburban home office, WOW! has grown to employ ten professional travel designers working from a purpose built travel design studio, serving the travel needs of an extensive portfolio of passionately loyal leisure and corporate clients.

WOW! is a fiercely independent business; working in collaboration with national and global networks of independent suppliers and travel consultancies. Independence empowers the WOW! girls to seek out and form relationships with a broad range of boutique travel service providers which enables the design team to hand craft unique itineraries that won’t be found in mainstream brochures you’ll see adorning the walls of franchise travel agencies on any High street.

WOW! travel + cruises maintains the highest standard of business ethics and corporate governance; much higher than the baseline standard set as the yardstick by the industry body serving as the mouthpiece of the franchise groups

In 2014 the Australian travel industry was deregulated and opened up to anybody who wished to trade as a travel agent, without any credentials, training or financial underpinning required. This critical state was promoted by the so-called industry representative body in a move to shore-up the inadequacies of franchise groups and place independent operators at financial and reputational risk.

WOW! travel + cruises fought strongly for more compliance by the industry but was shouted down by the franchise group board running the bureaucratic industry body. Accordingly, WOW! resigned from the group and cemented in place a number of client safeguards considered unnecessary by the franchise group representative body.

WOW! has in place comprehensive business management practices and client protection programs, overseen by management with decades of travel industry experience and monitored by a Chartered Accountant.

WOW! travel + cruises places the interests of clients first and foremost and recognises that the two most precious assets clients have – leisure time and personal finances – are protected and nurtured.

WOW! selects and engages external suppliers with great care; they must have a unique product offering that matches our clients’ profile, they must share WOW!’s  passion for excellence in service delivery and they must be financially stable with a track record of success.  Even so, sometimes the unthinkable happens and businesses fall over.

WOW! travel + cruises has a comprehensive supplier failure insurance policy in place which protects our clients funds in the very unlikely event a supplier fails financially.

WOW! also places all clients’ funds into a fail-safe trust account, administered external to the business until passed to the supplier in payment for future services.

These two simple governance practices are designed to protect clients’ interests, and frighteningly, are considered optional extras by the representative body. Two simple practices that any client should insist on seeing before placing money with a mainstream travel agent.

Like any solid, well-managed professional consultancy, WOW! travel + cruises is profitable, ensuring the business will thrive well into the future. WOW! derives professional income by charging a fee for design services rather than commissions from suppliers and has grown every year from clients returning again and again for another new travel experience.

Charging a fee for service gives the WOW! girls complete freedom to design an itinerary perfectly suited to clients’ needs, rather than directionally selling inappropriate products and services that generate maximum commission from suppliers.


Connect with WOW!


Meet The WOW! Girls

Robyn Davies
Co-Founder + Travel Designer
Having been a traveller since she was only 3 months old; skiing in New Zealand, camping in Laos, pencil rubbings in Jordan to lazing on a beach. Her Favourite Destinations include: Maldives for the beach, Oman for the diversity, Galapagos adapt or perish- even a private yacht in the Arabian Sea there is much that has been squeezed into Robyn’s 50+ years.
She has amazingly travelled to every continent and is slowly but surely crossing off all the countries of the world. She’s not backwards in coming forward – she will tell you where to go !

Mandy Finlayson
Travel Designer

Mandy started in travel in 1998 in the UK – She is our token office Pom so we like to give her a bit of stick at times of the year like when the Ashes are played, but she is great at throwing a Golden Jubilee morning tea and makes sure we have good quality tea bags in the office, so we sometimes cut her some slack!
She has travelled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Americas and Australia/NZ , with her English heritage she is no beach girl but prefers to get off the beaten track, but in luxury of course!
Whenever we send Mandy on educational trips she comes back with a wealth of knowledge. She is always up and ready to experience something new. Her favourite quote is “lay out your travel clothes and money, take half your clothes and twice the money!!”
Cathy McHenry
Travel Designer

Some might think camping in the desert is for the adventurers only, but when we shipped Cathy off to Oman in 2013 she now thinks staying at the Wahiba Deserts Sands Camp is something we should all add to our bucket list, no roughing it here – all out glamping luxury in the middle of nowhere!
When she’s not off riding camels we take advantage of Cathy’s 23 years of experience in the office creating ideal itineraries for you. Schooling in Canada first gave Cathy her taste for travel so from backpacking to the luxury of overwater bungalows in Tahiti , she is your girl!
Fiona Ludvik
Travel Designer
Fiona has been with our office since 2014, after being on maternity leave for the previous 10 years! She began in the Travel industry in 1996. Started in the city in a leisure travel office and then moved into corporate travel as a consultant. Always wanting more she became an account manager for a car hire company before leaving the industry to raise her three children.
Fiona helps Robyn and the team with facts and figures for all your ‘off the beaten track’ travel needs.
Sharyn Murphy
Office Support

Sharyn is our international WOW! girl of mystery, and the one charged with the responsibility of keeping all the WOW! girls on track. With many years experience in back office support and administration, and a well-travelled background through Asia and Europe, Sharyn is a key member whether we need a new paperclip or the address of the best pinxtos bar in San Sebastian.

What Clients Say

A Pleasure To Plan With

We contacted WOW! Travel in 2014 on the recommendation of a relative. In the coming  weeks we depart on our second international holiday planned with WOW!

Our Travel Designer has worked with us to address our stated holiday objectives and personal interests on these very different trips in a collaborative and ‘stress-free’ process, and she provided valuable insights and suggestions to enhance our plans.

We have found the team at Wow! to be knowledgeable, helpful and at all times professional. They are a pleasure to plan with.


WOW! Travel + Cruises
A Pleasure To Plan With

Mindful Of Our Likes And Dislikes

I have been engaging WOW Travel as my travel consultants now for over five years. We travel overseas every year and I cannot speak more highly of the service they provide. WOW have a great breadth of knowledge regarding both worldwide and domestic travel.  They are always mindful of our likes and dislikes, they consider our requirements, particularly when it comes to private travel, private tours and standard of accommodation expected.


WOW! Travel + Cruises
Mindful Of Our Likes And Dislikes

Awesome Honeymoon

Thanks for Everything! We had an awesome honeymoon – it was very well organised. The guides in particular were just great. We were lucky to have just us and the guide in Kenya and Tanzania so it was very special.

Ben + Sarah

WOW! Travel + Cruises
Awesome Honeymoon

Thanks For Your Assistance

Many thanks for all of your assistance, with your perseverance with Omni flowers/champers, and my credit for Chicago transport.  You are a gem!

Just got back from day in London - everything went extremely well but a long day (probably that I'm just getting older!). The visit to the Eiffel Tower went well and was on a lovely day.

Take care and will bore you again soon with travel updates!


WOW! Travel + Cruises
Thanks For Your Assistance

Going The Extra Step

During  a recent trip to Africa, we had a planned itinerary to travel after Africa onto Egypt, unfortunately while we were in Botswana, Egypt was upgraded to a do not travel zone.

WOW managed to contact us immediately (in the middle of nowhere), and then at very short notice arrange to divert our flights to Turkey  and then set in place a fabulous itinerary all through Turkey. The attention to detail is excellent, I always feel that they are going the extra step to make our trips memorable.


WOW! Travel + Cruises
Going The Extra Step

Excellent 24 Hour Support

We contacted WOW! Travel in 2014 on the recommendation of a relative. In the coming weeks we depart on our second international holiday  planned with WOW!

Our Travel Designer/Consultant has worked with us to address our stated holiday objectives and personal interests on these very different trips in a collaborative and ‘stress free’ process. She has provided valuable insights and suggestions to enhance our plans.

Resulting from an issue in LA last November we received excellent assistance through the 24 hour support line such that the issue was resolved efficiently and satisfactorily with a minimum of fuss or impact on our holiday experience. We have found the team at Wow! to be knowledgeable, helpful and at all times professional. They are a pleasure to plan with.


WOW! Travel + Cruises
Excellent 24 Hour Support

Best In The Business

WOW! Travel Mapped out a wonderful honeymoon for 2 weeks in New Zealand! Loved all the hotels and destinations. Customer service is tops and they love bubbles so you have to be THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS!


WOW! Travel + Cruises
Best In The business

Looking Forward To Our Next Adventure

We want to thank you for organising our amazing trip to Europe.

We had a wonderful time as a family and enjoyed many different and exciting experiences. Lots of photos and memories that will be treasured, Thank you!. We look forward to working with WOW! Travel for our next adventure around the world !

Mark + Rebecca

WOW! Travel + Cruises
Looking Forward To Our Next Adventure
WOW! Travel + Cruises


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