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Knowledgeable Travel Designers

Travel designers that have been there, done that, know about, or can ask a colleague who has been there, done that or knows about.

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24/7 contact, you are never left stranded, or left on hold for hours.

WOW! Travel Wallet

The WOW! Wallet, Exclusive to WOW! Travel clients, our award winning WOW! Wallet app stores all the important document you need for your upcoming trip. Instead of carrying bulky paper travel wallets, The WOW! Wallet is your very own personalised electronic app which stores your flight tickets, hotel and car vouchers, theatre and event tickets, travel and destination guides, live currency conversion, plus an in-app messaging system to and from your travel designer for ultimate peace of mind! ⁠Available to smartphone or tablet users, The WOW! Wallet will become your very own 24/7 travel companion from the minute you take off, right up until you safely arrive home.

WOW! Travel Gift Cards

Gift cards from $50 to $500 – The WOW! Travel Gift cards never expire – please click here to pay - and add the reference Gift Card and your full name.

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Your passport needs 6 months validity when you exit a county (not arrive) We require a copy of your passport when making your booking.

Travel Insurance

Is just as important as your passport, if you do not have travel health insurance you may be declined entry into some countries. Eg Fiji, Schengen Countries, these include France, Germany, Spain, Italy just to name a few. Feel free to Contact us or for futher information visit Covermore.


WOW! Travel accepts direct deposits into our Client Trust account. Contact us for further details. To use Travelpay visit the following link or to use Amex Points via travelpay visit the following link.

Foreign Currency

Travel money cards, Pelikin are our choice of travel money, you have the ease of virtual travel cards with a safety net of physical cards, Pelikin works with Apple Pay, Google Pay, there are no hidden, load or reload fees and transfers are instant, plus you can bill split !


Do you need a visa or another type of document to enter a country? Some countries do not require a Visa BUT they need other documents like the USA needs an ESTA and Canada requires an ETA neither of theses documents are visas they are a travel authority, however without these documents you will be refused boarding on your flight.


You no longer need to register your travels with DFAT, if you need emergency consulate assistance, please call +61 2 6261 3305 (CEC, Consular Emergency Centre, Canberra) or call our office which is also staffed 24/7 and we will endeavour to assist you.


Ensure you have the necessary vaccinations for the country you are visiting; some vaccines require more than one dose. Visit Travel Doctor for more information.

Carry-on baggage limitations

Many items are not permitted to be bought on board an aircraft, this includes duty free allowances and the powder, liquid rules you can check the rules via the link below. Visit Home Affairs for more information.

Travelling with Medication

Visit Smart Traveller to learn more about travelling with your medication.


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