Robyn Davies
Co-Founder + Travel Designer
Having been a traveller since she was only 3 months old; skiing in New Zealand, camping in Laos, pencil rubbings in Jordan to lazing on a beach. Her Favourite Destinations include: Maldives for the beach, Oman for the diversity, Galapagos adapt or perish- even a private yacht in the Arabian Sea there is much that has been squeezed into Robyn’s 50+ years. She has amazingly travelled to every continent and is slowly but surely crossing off all the countries of the world. She’s not backwards in coming forward – she will tell you where to go ! 
Mandy Finlayson
Travel Designer
Mandy started in travel in 1998 in the UK – She is our token office Pom so we like to give her a bit of stick at times of the year like when the Ashes are played, but she is great at throwing a Golden Jubilee morning tea and makes sure we have good quality tea bags in the office, so we sometimes cut her some slack!
She has travelled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Americas and Australia/NZ , with her English heritage she is no beach girl but prefers to get off the beaten track, but in luxury of course!
Whenever we send Mandy on educational trips she comes back with a wealth of knowledge. She is always up and ready to experience something new. Her favourite quote is “lay out your travel clothes and money, take half your clothes and twice the money!!”
Cathy McHenry
Travel Designer
Some might think camping in the desert is for the adventurers only, but when we shipped Cathy off to Oman in 2013 she now thinks staying at the Wahiba Deserts Sands Camp is something we should all add to our bucket list, no roughing it here – all out glamping luxury in the middle of nowhere!
When she’s not off riding camels we take advantage of Cathy’s 23 years of experience in the office creating ideal itineraries for you. Schooling in Canada first gave Cathy her taste for travel so from backpacking to the luxury of overwater bungalows in Tahiti , she is your girl!
Sharyn Murphy
Office Support
Sharyn is our international WOW! girl of mystery, and the one charged with the responsibility of keeping the WOW! girls on track. With many years experience in back office support and administration, and a well-travelled background through Asia and Europe, Sharyn is a key member whether we need a new paperclip or the address of the best pinxtos bar in San Sebastian.