There’s a lot more to selecting the best flights for your needs than clicking the cattle-class link on a booking-engine website while fantasising about the pointy end of a plane. This is why WOW! travel + cruises don’t have any of those automated thingies on our website.

Our maxim is #bookaholidaywithahuman

We know the best carriers, flights, seats, menus and entertainment options and we will happily advise you on the ideal flight and seat for your needs. It probably won’t be the cheapie you might find on a web search, but it will be more suited to your overall needs and¬†ensure optimum use of your leisure or business time without the gruel of departure lounges and long lay-overs.

The WOW! team are very frequent travellers – both domestic and international – and their experience and contacts are a valuable asset in selecting the perfect carrier, flight and seat for your needs. Give them a call – you’ll be amazed.