adult-only retreat on luxury cruise ship

WOW! travel + cruises are expert in selecting the ideal cruise for each clients’ tastes and interests.

Cruising is the perfect “unpack-once-and relax” travel mode and its popularity has soared over the past few years.

But, just as everybody is a unique person, all cruises aren’t the same. They do, however, have several points in common:

Whatever the type and location of the cruise, it offers great value if chosen to complement the cruisers’ desires.
Several destinations can be experienced on a single cruise itinerary without needing to deal with re-packing, transport and multiple check-ins.
Cruise ships offer tremendous variety in terms of size, destination and on-board activities.¬†Cruising can be as social or intimate as you choose. If you wish to participate in any of the myriad activities on-board, it’s easy to join in. If you don’t wish to engage, there are many options for personal activity (or inactivity).

There are three primary categories of cruising – rivership/canal barge, deep water ocean cruising and expedition cruising – and each category has almost limitless options so why not give the WOW! girls a call and be amazed by their insider knowledge and cruising experience.